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Wanlin Dance School

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who can attend these lessons?

Anybody who has an interest in dance. You don't have to be Chinese or be able to speak Mandarin, but you need to be able to work hard and commit to the learning.

How much does it cost?

The prices for lessons vary depending on which lesson you join, and at what point in the year. We do believe that we offer good value for money and all lessons are taught by our professional instructor who has many years of experience. For further information please contact us.

What clothes should I wear for the lessons?

Initially, you should wear normal exercise clothes, which you can warm-up and stretch in (e.g. leggings, tracksuit bottoms, a comfy top such as a t-shirt and trainers). However, after a few sessions you will need to purchase the correct dance outfit (e.g. a leotard - for the girls, bottoms and t-shirt for the boys). You can either purchase the outfit directly from us, or from a normal dance outfit retailer. They are relatively inexpensive and we have found that when students wear the appropriate outfit they look good and it also seems to boost confidence (especially for the children).

How do I know which class to register for?

The easy answer is you don't. Let us know what experience you have and where your interest in dance comes from, we can then put you in the right class. Remember though that we welcome people from a range of backgrounds, who have different reasons for wanting to dance. Everybody is unique and you are welcome to attend no matter what experience you have.

How old does my child have to be to join?

Normally we say that the minimum age is four years old, however we do have some three year old children who take part in some of our classes, they work hard and are fantastic. Please feel free to contact us if you are not sure.

Do we have to take part in the performances?

No, it is purely optional. However, we have found that as an individual gains confidence they often actually request to take part in a performance live on stage.

Do you do anything other than dance classes?

Yes we currently have a fitness class for adults, plus we also perform on special occasions such as weddings, parties, and charity events. Our dance troupe regularly performs nationally across the country and is available for hire for cultural and corporate events.

Anything else?

We also offer China Cultural Activity Days for schools and colleges. Activities include: dance tuition, language tuition (Mandarin Chinese), jewellery making, Chinese cookery and even paper folding. We have even helped to make a dragon costume at a Sheffield school so pupils could put on their own show.

Do you do any other types of dance, other than Chinese Dance?

We do mainly specialise in Chinese dance, both traditional and more modern. However, this year we are introducing Jazz Dance classes, as this is a popular style of dance (requested by many of our attendees), which we feel can be both elegant and captivating.
In addition, a number of our students actually create their own dance routines that can take inspiration from a wide variety of sources, modern or traditional.

Ok, so how do I join?

Simple, just contact us with your details and we will quickly get back to you and ask you a few basic questions. From there we can decide on which class you can join. If you have any medical conditions you need to let us know and we recommend that you speak to a doctor if you are unsure about anything.