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Wanlin Dance School

Classes for Children

Wanlin Dance School has a range of classes to suit children at different levels. Children as young as four (in some cases three) can attend our classes. All we ask for is dedication and a willingness to enjoy dancing and learning new skills.

The children we already have in our classes work hard and progress well, improving skills and boosting confidence, so much so that even the shyest of children eventually ask to perform live on stage in front of large audiences.

The classes for children currently run on Saturdays at the following times:


  1. 11:00-11:55 Entry level 儿童入门班
  2. 12:00-13:55 Advanced Performance Class 儿童高级表演班
  3. 14:00-15:55 Intermediate 儿童中级班

Due to increased demands and a need for better parking, we have now moved!

All classes for children now take place at our new venue:

上课地点:St Mary's Church, Bramall Lane, Sheffield, S2 4QZ (See Map)

A Difficult Back Stretch

Sword Dance wu character (means dance)