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About Wanlin


Ribbon Dance Wanlin Steele is a professional Chinese dancer, performer and choreographer based in Sheffield, the heart of the UK. Wanlin trained professionally as a dancer since the age of ten, later graduating in Chinese Classical Dance and Performance at the world-renowned Beijing Dance Academy (BDA)*.

While a student, Wanlin represented the BDA at the top dance competition in China, the Taoli Cup, winning a Best Performance Award. She then performed and choreographed extensively across China before moving to the UK; highlights included an invitation to perform at the birthday celebrations for the King of Thailand and repeated appearances on Chinese national TV.

Wanlin is the director of Wanlin Dance School, which offers a wide range of courses for children and adults and specialises in bringing Chinese dance to dancers and audiences in the UK. She also leads the Wanlin Dance Troupe, an ensemble of the School's professionally trained advanced dancers, which has delivered many successful stage performances at events all over the UK in the past years.

While in the UK Wanlin has also worked with renowned choreographers, most notably Kim Gavin, and regularly teaches at national and international dance events including annual Chinese dance workshops at MOVE IT* in London.

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Check out this recently found archive footage of Wanlin performing in China when she was younger. Look out for the front flip with no hands, and the part that will make you dizzy!

Note: the footage in the two videos below was taken before the rise of digital technology.

Wanlin Solo Dance With Beautiful Hands

A Lively Solo Dance With Spinning Hands